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While those that like to keep life simpler than it actually is could link together the actions of a government with the actions of the people it supposedly represents, it is a foolish outlook worthy of contempt. The actions of the Chinese government should not influence one’s attitude toward Chinese people much as the actions of the Russian government should not influence one’s attitude toward Russian people or the actions of the Israeli government should not influence one’s attitude toward Israeli people. This is a form of group punishment and deserves nothing but derision…

Creeping Corruption

Keeping a government functional enough to preserve legitimacy requires investment, monetary or otherwise, by powerful figures inside its demesne. Thus, while the public good is of at least nominal interest for all governments, every government requires keeping necessary private investors loyal to the structure made by the government…

Divine Divorce

Jerusalem is at the heart of the three major religions in the area. It was the capital of the ancient Jewish kingdom of Israel; it was the location of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion and subsequently became a magnet for Christian pilgrims; and as Muslims consider Christ a prophet – not as important as Muhammad, but still vital to the Islamic faith – Jerusalem became the second most sacred location for Muslims after Mecca. In addition to being the bastion of faith for two major religions and the religion that served as their theological progenitor, it is also at the heart of the Israel-Palestine conflict.