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‚ĶRevanchism - the desire to reclaim lost territory - has a long and storied history. In the earliest days of humanity we wandered across a borderless world, pursuing our prey or escaping inclement weather. Over a period of tens of thousands of years, humanity began the process of permanent settlements. And while tribal or national identity changed over the subsequent thousands of years through natural genesis, assimilation, or depopulation and repopulation, these settlements - and the lands that surround them - became a matter of identity for the people that lived there. 

Fall of Nineveh

One of these areas is the Middle East - a part of the world that has seen a significant amount of American investment in bullets, blood and greenbacks. As the United States tries to wrest its feet from the sandy morass that it dove into in response to the attacks of 9/11, local players are filling this vacuum with their own interests; these interests are extremely unlikely to coincide with American interests...